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Let us stain your existing concrete! Commercial spaces, basements, or almost any existing concrete can reach new heights of style. Faults create character, and expensive alternatives can't match the charm!  Most jobs $2.50 Sq.ft.!
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Rich stained concrete

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Interior stained concrete kitchen

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 Eric G. Brandon

Our experience, craftsmanship, and cutting edge materials offer the best solution for floor and concrete resurfacing needs, inside or out!

* Completely custom stone, tile, or specialty stained concrete looks in all styles--hand troweled, colored and sealed--not "cookie cutter" stamped.  
* Application over existing concrete, tile, wood subfloor, or exterior concrete.

Durability and quality of our materials is unrivalled. Our specially engineered polymer infused concrete overlay material is only 1/8" thick, but is extremely strong and durable. 
* You can have otherwise cost prohibitive looks
. Large tiles or stones, unusual colors, and other typically pricy upgrades don't cost any more than common styles...and the materials are stronger and more durable than tile or natural stone to boot!

We also create fully custom concrete countertops. Most designs are modelled after natural stone, granite, and marble. Like our floors, imagination is the only limit... 

Please call owner/craftsman Eric Brandon if you have questions!

Recent Projects-
Cohutta Springs Conference Center - Crandall, GA - 3 hotel walkways, stairways, & balconies.  November 2010  
sf  stained concrete
stained concrete sidewalk stained concrete vending room floorconcrete commercial resurfacing
         The hotel walkways and balconies, set among an awe inspiring natural setting at Cohutta Springs Conference Center were not matching their surroundings. Carpet glue was removed and over 10,000 square feet of an earthy and textured solid overlay was installed. The administrators did not want anything busy or flashy, but something organic and rich to compliment the beauteous natural setting. 

Before:                                                                      After:  

Kitchen floor custom concrete stone tile Custon stone tile floor
Custom stained concrete floor Stained concrete stone tile flooring

Above is a wonderfully rich, decorative, one-of-a-kind floor with creative borders and natural color variations.  Styled to complement the new countertops, the floor succeeds while retaining its own eye-grabbing individuality! This is a perfect example of the custom craftsmanship possible with Concretestyle's work. You can't get this at Home Depot! 

Granicrete countertops and flooring  Concrete overlay bathroom floor     We transformed nearly a whole home interior from uninspiring beige carpeting into a completely custom copper and light brown stained concrete overlay floor in the form of 24" diagonal tiles. The concrete has extremely rich warm color tones with moderate variegation.

Basement concrete overlay stained concrete floor - art studio Basement concrete overlay stained concrete floor - art studio
Above is Dr. Stephen Sims' waiting area. It went from ugly commercial carpeting down to the concrete underneath, and then was transformed into a random pattern grey stone tile pattern with copper highlights.

Black galaxy granite matte concrete bar / countertops  Black galaxy granite matte concrete bar / countertops  
This patio was old and very cracked. The pieces were large, so we used the existing cracks as "mortar lines" and created very large stones. It's now one of the most unique patios around! Why don't people have large natural stones? Because it is logistically impractical if not impossible. However, we can create this dramatic and unexpected "monolith" look!

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